Haciendas of Yucatan from Merida

Haciendas of Yucatan from Merida

Multi-day tour to hotels-boutiques of Yucatan


  • Professional guides
  • Private transportation with a/c
  • Entrance fee according to the itinerary
  • Radio Guide (*for at least 10 pax group)

Not Included:

  • Accommodation during the program
  • Meals during the program

Dress Code:

Comfortable sportswear and shoes, headwear. Don't forget sunscreen!

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Merida – Hacienda Xcanatun
Arrival to Merida city, capital of the State of Yucatan, then, transfer to Xcanatun, one of the most beautiful haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula, just 15 mins away from downtown and surrounded by a lot of vegetation. The Haciendas of Yucatan are part of the history of the peninsula. They are its soul. The families of conquerors reigned there. The base of Yucatan industry was born there, which is very related to the natural fiber production from the Henequen. Deserted for centuries many of the Haciendas were turned into hotels-boutiques offering a special atmosphere of the history and ethnography of the epoch. Fantastic designs, silence, calm and quietness, resemble a different time, a different world like no other. Every Hacienda offers its own special atmosphere; every Hacienda has its own history.
Day 2: Celestun – Hacienda Santa Rosa
Today we will go to Celestun, which is part of the Biosphere of the Ria Celestun. This is an alluring place with many exotic animals inhabiting in it, is a natural refugee for the fauna in Mexico with about 150 species of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fishes and, especially for the Pink Flamingo. Later, we will go to Hacienda Santa Rosa, a very charming hacienda, with beautiful gardens and, at only few miles away from the archaeological site Uxmal.
Day 3: Uxmal – Hacienda Temozon
Uxmal nowadays is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan culture, along with Chichen Itza and Tikal. It is located in the Puuc area and is the most representative city of this architectural style. Uxmal is World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996. After visiting Uxmal, we will take you to Hacienda Temozon. This another enchanting hacienda with beautiful gardens.
Day 4: Izamal – Hacienda San Jose
Izamal is one of the “Magic Town” of Mexico. Is a small, enchanting town in the Yucatan state, located at about 66 kms far from Merida and 60 kms from Chichen Itza. It is known as “La ciudad de los cerros” (The city of the hills) for having important archaeological remains, among which 5 large Mayan pyramids stand out, which for a long time, before being exposed, were considered “hills” by the locals. At the end of the visit to Izamal, we will continue to Hacienda San Jose. This hacienda is surrounded by exuberant vegetation, beautiful gardens, luxury, with a sensation of privacy where you can relax and rest after having a very interesting day.
Day 5: Chichen Itza – Ik Kil – Cancun
We will pick you up to begin this exciting journey through the Yucatan Peninsula and its wonderful and interesting places. This day we will visit the Archaeological Zone of Chichen Itza, a very famous Mayan ruins complex, magnificent and enigmatic with its incomparable buildings, like the amazing Pyramid of Kukulkan, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, also known as El Castillo, a huge, stepped pyramid which domains the approximately 6.5 square kms of this ancient Mayan city. There are some other spectacular structures such as the Ball field and the Temple of warriors. After visiting Chichen Itza, we will continue to the beautiful cenote Ik Kil located only few minutes away, surrounded by exotic plants and trees, the perfect habitat for different species of birds. Afterward, we will go to Cancun, in the Quinta Roo State.

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5 days
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