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I write yo with a deep gratitude about the circuit “Mini Yucatan 4”, which you made for Ivanov and Garanin. Thanks to Natalia, the guide, she made our trip as a memorable experience. And, thank you for the hotel selections. Everything was great from the first to the last day, tourists enjoyed Royal Hotel, ate great an the guide in Cancun was always at the right moment on the connection.
Irina Gavrileyko
“VIP MASTER” Travel company
Hello! I would like to thank our guide Anastasiya Tambovzeva who accompanied us on the circuit “The Cities of Gods” January 2 – 9, 2013. Thanks to erudition and knowledge of Anastasiya I really got inspired with the culture and history of Mexico and with the history of indigenous people of Mexico. Anastasiya expanded on this topic very well. She is a true expert at what she does. Thanks a lot! Best regards,
Hello, dear all!
We are tourists from Saint Petersburg Korobkov Viktor and Korobkova Tatiana. A while ago we came back from very interesting trip in Mexico organized by your company. We thank you with all our hearts! We also would like to thank our guide Anastasia Timbovueva for her high professionalism. She was very attentive and tolerant to our not simple group, to say the least. Having an intimate knowledge of history and art of Mexico, Anastasia gave us a very interesting tour, she explained us everything if it was necessary, answered our questions etc. If all your guides have that level of qualification, we congratulate you! Once again thank you very much!
Korobkov Viktor and Korobkova Tatiana .
Saint Petersburg
My wife and I came together to Mexico. We have been to some short excursions and we liked them. When we were going to go to Miniyucatan, we didn’t know what to expect. I would say that we didn’t expect it. Amazing beauty and variety of historical and archaeological monuments and zones. But the most important was our guide. Erudition, knowledge and ability to give information interesting cut us to the heart. Our excursion was 4 days ago, but we still remember Natalia at every given opportunity. She is a sample of a guide! We would like to thank Natalia personally and Arminas Travel very much. Book your excursions and ask Natalia to be your guide? Thank you.
Misha and Katya
Hello! We just got back from our vacation and I decided to write a comment :)! Thank your company and especially wonderful guide Natalia Kozlova! Unfortunately, we got to know about your company a little late and could just see Mexico City with its help. We really liked a good organization of the flight from Cancun to Mexico City, hotel check-in and return to Cancun (without any problem, delays and nerve-rackings) ! 2 days spent in Mexico City were absolutely not enough, because these days went too quickly, but thanks to Natalia they were joyful and interesting!
Natalia is very understanding and positive person! You just can ask her where you can have a good and tasty lunch and she can recommend an amazing Mexican restaurant where you will feel like home, and there is no problem that you don’t speak Spanish. Natalia will recommend you several dishes and write the names of the dishes in Spanish! She will also recommend you the place where you can drink a cup of hot chocolate in one of the oldest café, and you will try it with traditional churros!
Natalia will also suggest you some interesting places in Mexico City. If you are thinking of going or no to Mexico City, my answer is “Yes! You should definitely go! There are places to see (and not only Teotihuacan) and to take a walk!!” The first encounter with this country was very nice! Now we would like to come back to Mexico and to go on one of your circuits to keep enjoying the fascinating trip through this country!
Once again thank you very much!
Stanislav, Yulia and Natalia!
Hello, Armina!
I would like to thank you for excellent excursions during my stay in Mexico.
It was a pleasure to receive a good service of your company and guides and to become personally certain of the best choice of our partners in Mexico.
Genady Gondelman