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Armina Wolpert
I graduated in Communications at the University of Tel Aviv. In 1998 I came to Mexico from Israel. I am in love with Mexico, so in 2007 I decided to found my company, a Travel Agency to promote the beautiful things that Mexico can offer. I enjoy reading, traveling and Jetsurfing.
Mark Shtern
I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, ULA University (Mexico City). I am a practicing maxillofacial surgeon. I live in Mexico for over 30 years, I love travel, sport. I am the chief operating officer of the company.

Sales and booking

Anna Urazaeva
Sales executive

I was born in Moscow. I graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages and I entered the world of tourism.

After working with a tour operator in Russia I went in search of myself and the destiny took me to Mexico where again I do my favorite job.

I love to travel, to have the feeling of being an explorer that feels being the first time somewhere.

I like to run, go to rock concerts and drink Malbec. I like the smell of the lilies, the theater and to enjoy a glass of champagne in the intermission.

I love ruins and art galleries, huge cities and deserted places. The world is so big and so different.

Olga Kamenskaya
Sales manager

I studied in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I work in Arminas Travel as Sales Manager since October 2011. My hobby is traveling

Nhia Nouel
Contracting manager
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and studied Tourism.
I have been living in Mexico for 23 years and I have almost 11 years working in Arminas Travel, in the Reservations Department. I like Mexico and its delicious food, its beautiful handcraft and its people. Some of my hobbies are reading, movies, bowling, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.
Leo Gunho Hur
Sales manager
I studied in Seoul, Korea and I work in Arminas Travel since 2015 as Korean Division Manager and I like Golf.
Sandra Archer
Reservations Manager

Product DEpartment

Maribel Hernandez
Contracting manager
I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco. Study the Degree in Tourism at the University of Guadalajara I have 4 years living in Cancun . I like go out with my friends and meet people. I love traveling and finding new places to enjoy all the time. I am a food lover, I love animals and I love being with my family.
Rocio Lopez
Contracting Executive

I have been working at Arminas Travel for 2 years, in the Sales Department. I graduated in Hotel Management at the University of Las Americas, Puebla. My hobbies are going out for a walk with my family, dancing and walking my little dachshund.

Veronica Gongora
Account assistant
I started working in Arminas Travel in 2018.
I have 1 year in the company as Accounting Assistant.
I studied Business Administration at Cancun Institute of Technology. I enjoy listening music and spending time with family.


Christian Olvera
Operations executive
Natalia Araus Torres
Operations executive
I am Accounting and Commercial Analyst.
I work in Arminas Travel since Julio 2018 a Sales Representative in Riviera Maya. I like music.
Francisco Loeza
I have being working in Arminas Travel for one year. I work as Office boy and perform different tasks. I like Football and listening music.


Daymary Marfil
I have been working for Arminas Travel for almost 13 years in the position of Administrative Manager. I studied Hotel Business Administration at the Technological Institute of Cancun. I love reading, enjoy pleasant moments with my family and friends, listen to music. I am passionate about traveling, meeting people and their different cultures, the photography and Pilates. I enjoy life to the fullest and I believe in God.
Merary Marquez
I have been working for Arminas Travel for last 12 years in the position of General Accountant.
I studied Public Accounting at the Tuxtepec Institute of Technology, Oaxaca My hobbies: Painting, spending time with my Family and listening music.
Lilia Flores
I have being working for Arminas Travel during the last 12 years I studied Public Accounting ant at the Autonomous University of Campeche. I specialized in Fiscal matters by the Superior Institute of Fiscal Studies. My hobbies are reading, going to the movies and studying.

Technical support and IT

Emir Cano
Projects manager
I was born in Cancun, I have been working in the team since 2011, I studied Systems Engineering at ITC, I like readings on science, technology and space-related issues. I like to acquire tools to repair or make improvements at home. I´m distracted by videogames.