Mini Yucatan 4

Mini Yucatan 4

Multi-day tour from Cancun including Ek Balam, Chichen Itza, Palenque, Ixmal, Campeche, Xel-Ha



Departure: Hotel Cancun or Riviera Maya Intercontinental Departure Time: Please arrive by 9:15
AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
Return Time: Approximately 8:30 PM.

Dress Code:

Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, light jacket.


  • Departure Taxes
  • Excursions
  • Personal Guide

Not Included:

  • 5 Star Accommodation
  • Entry Fees

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Cancun – Ek Balam – Chichen Itza – Merida
k Balam – the place of the exclusive tourism. Ek Balam, the archeological center with its fantastic discoveries of the last decades, turned upside down the usual understanding of the Mayan culture. Only the “Kremlin” is open to our view while the rest of the city is resting under the jungle cover. You will see Acropolis, Ball Game field, The Twin Buildings, Observatory, and Temascal. Chichen-Itza, a NEW WORLD WONDER, a representative of Mayan – Tolteque culture. The magicians, scientists, and the ball players – only the selected ones were able to access to this special landscape of the white stone and of the “eyes” of the earth – the underground lakes. Temples, which are considered as belonging to the classical and post-classical periods did not arrive to see Spanish as were abounded by its population because of unknown reasons. Arch-astronomy was born in one of such cities. Philosophy and history as one. View the Pyramid of Kukulkan, “the feathered serpent”, of the ball games field, of the observatory etc. Swimming in the cenote of Ik-Kil, “a place where the wind is being born”, and the Yucatan most beautiful karsts lake. Arrival to Merida.
Day 2: Merida – Uxmal – Campeche
Visit to the incredible representative of the architecture of Puuc, Uxmal, the city of the Mayan Classical period. Arrival to Campeche.
Day 3: Campeche – Waterfall Misol Ha – Palenque
The City Tour of Campeche, the castle city. Visit to the coast of Sabancuy. Waterfall Misol Ha. Arrival to Palenque.
Day 4: VPalenque – Chetumal
Visit to the archeological center of Palenque, one of the most magnificent places of Mayan civilization. This City-Gallery contains the stone portraits of the priests and of the emperor Pakal II, as well as a dynasty chronicle, the temple of the Sun and the Cross, “spaceman” image on the wall of the Emperor Pakal sarcophagus etc. This City-Mystery is drowning in lianas of the tall jungles of Chiapas. Arrival to Chetumal.
Day 5:Chetumal – Xel-Ha – Cancun
Visit to the one of the most beautiful eco-parks of Riviera Maya, Xel-Ha. Arrival to Cancun.

Tour map

5 days
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