Mexico city tour and Museum of Antropology

One-day sightseeing tour in Mexico City


Main Information

Mexico City is one of the largest and momst populous cities in the world. Its age is a paradox. If reference is foundation of Mexico – Tenochtitlan by ancient Mexica, by mid-14th century, then it is a young city. If focus on its historical nature as the agglomeration of some 50 small regions, all of them ancient city-states, then its age goes beyond 2,000 years.

You will be able to visit Tenochtitlan, the historical center of the city, as well as Plaza de la Constitucion, more commonly known as Zocalo, with its government buildings and the Cathedral. You will visit the National Palace, the seat of the Federal Executive Power. See the staircase of the Empress, Presidential balcony, Central and Back Patios, Murals by Diego Rivera. Then you will be amused by the majestic view of the Cathedral with its Altar of the Kings, Archangel, Pinnacle, Metropolitan Sacrarium, and Alta of Forgiveness.

Than you will enjoy the view of the main city avenue – Paseo de la Reforma with its historical monuments.

Do not miss to visit the Anthropological Museum, which is the finest archaeological museum in the world. It is located on more than 10,000 square meters; it has 26 exhibitive halls where you can see thousands of artifacts, including burial tombs, giant Olmec stone heads, the famous Aztec Calendar Stone and the reconstructed Mayan temple.

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