Palmaia, The House of Aia

Paseo Xaman - Ha Lote 1, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
5 Stars
Beach hotel
All inclusive

It could be hard to find AïA’s sacred connection to nature, because the words we use to express AïA’s truth are not common search terms.

So we openly share the following terms and phrases, which are equally true, just not in a voice AïA might have chosen. We hope it makes finding her easier.

Set between the tropical jungle foliage and the picturesque turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea sits the quintessence of a sustainable wellness resort. A secluded sanctuary with swim up suites, jungle spa, gourmet restaurants overseen by Michelin starred chefs, locally sourced plant-based cuisine, private beach, infinity pools, and in-suite dining sets Palmaïa – The House of AïA apart from other luxury retreats. The exquisitely designed oceanfront suites complemented by stunning ocean views, elegant décor, and holistic amenities are unlike anything else in the Riviera Maya. The wellness resort offers a level of seclusion often associated with far-flung island resorts and an atmosphere of tranquility you’d expect from a yoga retreat. Reestablish the connection between your mind and body through yoga and guided meditation while immersed in the vibrant jungle energy of the Mayan Riviera. The luxury retreat also offers the excellent Atlantis Spa where jungle inspired architecture blends together with modern design. Guests can indulge in a number of spa treatments including ayurvedic treatments, temazcal ceremonies, steam room sessions, relaxing massage, and more.

Ocean View Suites

Known by its Mayan name Kinich Ahau—the Greek Helios and Roman Apollo—each day begins with the most sacred of rituals: sunrise. Whether you are an observer, an early riser up to greet the dawn in meditation, or simply enjoying a peaceful slumber, the sun breaking the horizon over the sea, it ushers in the fresh promise of a new day directly into the intimate privacy of your suite.

Swim-out Suites
The purifying waters cleanse and heal you directly from the perfectly oriented back terrace of your ground-level suite. A place for children to play, or just dip their toes.

Family Suites
The bonds of family are made stronger by paying respect to each other’s sacred space. Children and adults can relish being themselves with adjoining chambers, each designed to privately cater to their individual needs — and allowing everyone to meet in the middle at their pleasure, refreshed.

Vegan Suites
For our valued vegan patrons, we offer rooms that have been assiduously planned as animal-product free and of course animal-tested product-free. Zero use of leather, feather-free bedding; an enlightened space that celebrates the value of all life on earth.

Gather and Share
Breaking bread and sharing a drink with one´s brethren are among the most ancient and sacred of social rites. Each new opportunity nourishes the body, feeds the soul, and fills the air with laughter.

The Alchemical
Mastery of Cuisine
Under the inspired guidance of Executive Chef Eugenio, guests can experience food with global inspirations, boasting a bounty of flavors and rare, sought-after ingredients, all in the unique culinary voyage found only at The House of AïA.

Elevating his native Mexican, small town, culinary wisdom to the rarified heights of international, haute cuisine, Chef Eugenio brings a mastery of hyperlocal flavors rivaled only by his artistry of presentation, secretly enhanced by select spices and herbs cultivated in his personal greenhouse.

Su Casa
Welcome to your new home, open from morning to night. Relax into the laid-back, Caribbean beach ambiance and the primal delight of sand beneath your feet. Seasonal delights, vegan, vegetarian, meat, fish… simple, delicious, comforting… just as home cooking was meant to be.

This is the entry point to Asia, a place imbued with sensual fragrances, exotic flavors, and a densely rich color palate, fusing Thai cuisine with its continental counterparts in an act worthy of heavenly worship.

Mar de Olivo
To change history you need to understand it. Chef Eugenio bravely sets forth in a new direction that redefines the tired expectations of Mediterranean cuisine by cultivating their lesser-known, all but forgotten traditions. Join an adventure along storied seas, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Bosphorus, and discover the flavors our ancestors relished as they journeyed from one empire to the next.

El Caminante
What’s more fun and authentic than eating truly local street food from an artisanal food truck? The simplest traditional Mexican dishes are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage treasure. Little wonder… When the menu changes daily and the ingredients are as fresh as can be, the unique combinations of flavours, textures and spices are hard to beat.

Potions & Libations
With the Eolo Beach club playing jungle beats by visiting sound artists, a vegan juice bar that crafts delicious concoctions, mixologists that invent custom creations, pool bars that serve fresh fruit cocktails, and the exclusive ambiance of the Atlas Club.

Atlantis: Spa in the Jungle

Our body is our vessel and it is renewed by the healing properties of mother nature in the hands of our master healers.

Ancient ceremonies like the storied Temazcal harness the spirit so we can lighten our step, focus our vision beyond the horizon, and engage our true selves.

Paseo Xaman – Ha Lote 1, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

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