Prehispanic Cooking Lessons

It is an open air dinner by the fire. You will enjoy a special menu that will help you to reach back into 500 years ago. You will also get to know more about pre-Hispanic life and gastronomy.

You will see the cookware that is still popular in some Mexican houses: a molcajete – a stone tool, an anafre – a small baker used for strong traditional drinks and famous tortillas preparation, a metate – a ground stone tool used for processing grain and seeds. In traditional Mesoamerican culture, metates were typically used by women who would grind calcified maize and other organic materials during food preparation.

Fogon – «a kitchen altar» – is a household keeper of Maya. Using it you will be able to cook tortillas and fill them with grasshoppers and Oaxaca cheese.

And this is only a small part of what you can brag being back home. Tell your friends that you have been to time machine and tried pre-Hispanic cuisine: «Poc Chuc» – yucatecan grilled pork, «cochinita pibil» – a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish wrapped in banana leaf, «sopa de lima» – spicy chicken soup with fresh lemon juice, «botana» or «garnachas» – roasted meat with avocado, «queso relleno» – cheese filled with meat and spices, cream soup with cilantro, «salbutes» or «panuchos» – different flour tortillas filled with beans, cheese, pork pieces and onion.

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