Mini Yucatan #1

2 days / 1 night
чичен ица юкатан

Day 1: Cancun – Caverns – Coba – Merida.

The unique stalactite caverns or cenotes, the “eyes of the earth”, are fantastic place for diving or snorkeling.

Coba is the ancient city, drown in the subtropical jungle. Bicycle city tour. Arrival to Merida, a picturesque colonial city, the capital of the state of Yucatan.

Day 2: Merida – Chichen Itza – Ek Balam – Cancun.

Travel through fields of henequen, natural fiber, the ancient currency of Yucatan. Arrive to Chichen-Itza, rightly named ‘Wonder of the New World. This temple complex beautifully represents Mayan – Tolteque culture.

Only the elite – Magicians, scientists, and ‘soccer’ players could access this special landscape of white stone and ‘eyes’ of the earth – underground lakes. Such temples, belonging to Mexico’s classical and post-classical periods, were never seen in action by the Spanish colonizers. When the Europeans came, the Temples were already abandoned. Arch-astronomy was developed here, a world-view holding Philosophy and History to be identical.

View the Pyramid of Kukulkan, ‘the feathered serpent’, the field of ball games, the observatory and much more. Swim in Ik-Kil cenote, ‘a place where the wind is born’, and the Yucatan’s most beautiful karsts lake.

Finally we visit Ek Balam, the archeological center celebrating fantastic discoveries of the last decades. Learn how recent discoveries have flipped understanding of Mayan culture upside down. Only a small area is visible, the remainder of the city is buried under thick jungle. Spot the Acropolis, Ball Game field, Twin Buildings, Observatory, and ritual saunce, the Temascal. Arrive to Cancun.