The Route of Hernan Cortes exhibition in Madrid

The Route of Hernan Cortes exhibition Madrid

In the end of January we arrived in Madrid for participation in FITUR, one of the biggest tourist trade-show in Europe. We were with Mexico Tourism Board. We have the best impressions of the exhibition and Madrid. In addition to trade-show, we visited the exhibition about Hernan Cortes in Centro de Arte Canal. It was amazing!

The Route of Hernán Cortés exhibition, Centro de Arte Canal, Madrid

The Route of Hernán Cortés, the first major retrospective devoted to the life and work of this conquistador from Extremadura, will be on view in Madrid until 3 May 2015. The show represents a unique opportunity not only to re-examine one of the most controversial figures in Spanish history from a contemporary perspective, but also to analyse the encounter between the Spanish and Aztec Empires and consider the degree to which the discovery of America and the Old Continent’s first contact with the New World marked the birth of today’s global civilisation. One of the highlights of the exhibition, designed by María Langarita and Víctor Navarro, is the “Aztec pyramid” with a screening room underneath. It also features versatile spaces for displaying a wide variety of pieces, from Renaissance armour and weapons to Aztec sculptures, documents and other works of art, creating an enormous historical fresco and different ambiances for each section (Source).

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